Using Simple Layouts for Food Services Websites : A Comparative Review

From my previous review on websites of top-level educational institutions of Bangladesh, I was driven to write another one on food service related websites. We know food services hardly require websites as people easily find out their favorite restaurants from search engines. Google reviews and TripAdvisor made life easy for us, and most of the consumers rely on words from mouth. Still, websites are crucial as more and more people are using Internet in their phones and smart devices. Here, I tried to point out the importance of using simple layouts for food services website and give a comparative review of some popular restaurants I heard about.

Website Layout of Panshi Restaurant

Panshi Restaurant Website Layout
Panshi, Chain Restaurant, Sylhet

Key Features:
☑ Developed using popular CMS (WordPress)
☑ Page loading speed is fair
☑ Website contains crucial information
☑ Responsive design

☑ Front page is not eye-catching
☑ Images are not of good quality
☑ Customer’s reviews are missing
☑ Social media profiles are not emphasized

☑ Flexible as it is built with WordPress. A few twists with the theme and optimized images may do the trick.

Website Layout of Bardoce Cafe

Barcode Cafe Website Layout
Barcode Cafe, Chain Restaurant

Key Features:
☑ Attractive front page with simple layout
☑ Professional images in good proportion
☑ Users get a good impression at first glance
☑ Responsive design

☑ Not optimized for search engines
☑ High quality images reduced the site’s loading speed substantially
☑ Customer’s reviews are missing
☑ Lack of quality content in the inner pages
☑ Built with basic HTML and thereby comes with less flexibility

☑ Better content and image optimization might do the trick.

Website Layout of foodpanda

Foodpanda Website Layout
foodpanda, Online Food Order Service

Key Features:
☑ Modern layout and state of the art features
☑ Top level SEO
☑ Supporting mobile applications that makes services easy to reach
☑ Responsive design

☑ Too much information on the front page
☑ No social share options

☑ Accordions would have served better for wrapping up some sections.

Website Layout of Kutumbari

kutumbari website layout
Kutumbari, Lalmatia, Dhaka

Key Features:
☑ Excellent one-page modern layout
☑ Site’s loading speed is commendable
☑ Front page contains all the key contents
☑ Responsive design

☑ No footer and social buttons
☑ Clients’ testimonials not included
☑ Photo gallery is missing

☑ A blog and facebook widget would be helpful.

The restaurants I talked about are renowned ones and I have personally received positive reviews from people. This review is an attempt to complement the websites rather than criticizing them.

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