CU Day 2016 : 50 Years of Our Beloved University

For someone who hardly explored any area outside own locality until the completion of secondary education, the exposure to the world at the tertiary level of education meant an exclusive change in attitude and lifestyle. My world changed…

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A Wonderful Day at Mymensingh

Muktagacha Palace, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

I was looking for an opportunity to step out of my monotonous routine. Traveling has become my passion in recent years and I try to mingle with people who are attached to the habit of roaming around. On…

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The Transition from Public to Private University

Today, I will answer the question that I have to answer during every single interview I sit for. People look at my CV with curiosity. Some find my CV interesting, others find it amusing (in a negative way,…

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Using Simple Layouts for Food Services Websites : A Comparative Review

From my previous review on websites of top-level educational institutions of Bangladesh, I was driven to write another one on food service related websites. We know food services hardly require websites as people easily find out their favorite…

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Asana: My Project Management Tool

Project Management with Asana

Only a few months ago, I came to know about asana, a great tool for managing your projects and tasks. It can be used for personal and business purposes. With hundred of tools circling all over the world…

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The First and Last Time I Failed at School

A greater part of my school life was spent at Rotary High School, Mirpur, Dhaka. I would never forget my school days until the end of my life. I would share my story of failure at school. Today,…

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