Movies change lives

Movies change lives Ashraf Ahmed

Today, I’ll talk about emotions, irrational outbursts. Amazing, isn’t it? How movies change lives, change perspectives?

At certain points in my life, my passion for teaching and honest livelihood drove me clueless. But I’ve found my true identity. You’ll do the same, I hope.

3 idiots (2009)

I was in the middle of my undergraduate studies when Rajkumar Hirani released 3 idiots. And, everything changed.

My passion for writing and designing took over my fascination for literature. I started to dream of entrepreneurship, outsourcing, a career outside the traditional public sector.

The trailer of 3 idiots, released at the very end of 2009

The Lift Boy (2019)

In 2018, my life took a new turn. I got married and decided to go for higher studies in the UK. Living in Manchester and studying linguistics, I got a different taste in life. I had to work in smelly humid kitchens, boiling hot food vans. Besides, I worked as an interpreter, data entry specialist and team leader in kiosks.

A few days ago, I was watching The Lift Boy. My life aligns with the movie a lot, especially the drastic change in lifestyle in Manchester. It’s the truth about life. If we can accept it, we are good to go in any setting. This movie will change your perspective towards fresh starts, honest living.

The trailer of THE LIFT BOY, released in 2019

Hichki (2018)

Well, as a big fan of Rani Mukerji and Kajal Devgan, I would catch up with every single movie they appear in. I have always been a passionate language teacher with my limitations. Over the years, I tried to work on my skills and knowledge base.

With Hichki, it’s obvious that there are no bad students, only bad teachers. I wish I were a little creative in my classrooms. But I’m striving to get there. Movies can inspire you to become a better teacher. Also, your outlook changes because of movies like Hichki.

The trailer of HICHKI, released in 2017

Hindi Medium (2017)

Irfan Khan gave us so many movies to think about. Recently, the legend has passed away. But we won’t let go of his works. Hindi Medium points at the business in education. Education belongs to the privileged these days. Unfortunately, if you don’t have money, you are struggling at every phase of your education. A recent movie, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl (2020) also portrays the same picture.

It’s important not to give up to the pressure of the system. Fighting against corruption isn’t easy. You get stripped. People laugh at your failures. But you need to carry on. Think of innovative ways. You’ll eventually reach your goal.

The official trailer of HINDI MEDIUM, released in 2017

Angrezi Medium (2020)

My parents are from the northeast part of Bangladesh. Most of the people of our region want to leave the country for a better lifestyle, better education. They usually don’t think of the consequences of investing everything to settle in a new country. Adapting to a new culture isn’t easy if you aren’t skilled or motivated.

Angrezi Medium tells us a familiar story of the region I come from. Bollywood has gone a long way to portray the discrepancies between societies, social classes.

The trailer of Angrezi Medium, released in 2020

Like Stars on Earth (2007)

Taare Zameen Par (2007), titled Like Star on Earth in English, is a masterpiece of Aamir Khan. Firstly, I love the movie so much that I still watch it time to time. Secondly, understanding the psychology of your students, you can work wonders. Again, the progress depends on teachers, not students.

The trailer of Taare Zameen Par, released in 2007

Chalk N Duster (2016)

Well, Chalk N Duster depicts a true picture of our society. Educational institutions are business entities these days. Visualize your school teachers standing 3-4 hours straight. Sad, isn’t it? We teach because we have feelings for the profession. Money matters. But it’ll come and go. The respect of your students, the prayers of a grateful soul usually don’t go astray. Teachers survive even under drastic circumstances. Do you know why? Well, think about it for a minute.

Super 30 (2019)

Super 30 is an amazing movie. Unlike Chalk N Duster, it points at the social classes. If you are rich, you can touch the sky. Talent matters. It always does. But, we live in a society where money rules. Even education is for sale these days. Hrithik Roshan played the lead role magnificently. I’d give credit to the casting team. The kids were outstanding, so was the direction.

Finally, I wanted to have fun in this post. Years of teaching took its toll. A teacher spoke, not a blogger. Anyway, I’ll return with more stories about movies changing lives. Will you share your story in the comments? A couple of lines would suffice for now. Have a good day!

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