The First and Last Time I Failed at School

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A greater part of my school life was spent at Rotary High School, Mirpur, Dhaka. I would never forget my school days until the end of my life. I would share my story of failure at school. Today, I will share my experiences of the year 2000. I was a student of STD IX at the time. Although my childhood dreams revolved around the concepts of being a judge at court or a cricket star, I decided to enroll for Science. As many of you may know that science is considered a prestigious genre for the students of school and college levels in Bangladesh. It is not always about passion. The decision is often imposed by ambitious guardians who want to see a doctor or engineer in their children. I, a student who was completely out of the world in mathematics, decided to bear subjects like physics, chemistry, biology and even higher mathematics. What happened next? I failed in Mathematics and Physics in my first semester. Luckily though, I passed higher mathematics by chance.

I was taken aback. I was in second position according to the academic results of STD VIII. The result was not an acceptable one for me or my family members. Initially, I took it as an insult and tried to justify the failure. Somehow I thought my teachers were responsible for my grievance. Many years later, I understood how crucial it was to fail. The failure changed my perception towards academic studies. I was never a serious student and academic results were of little importance to me. I studied only to convince my parents that I was striving hard to reach my goal. I used to hide story books inside my academic books, and perhaps it was the reason why I became a student of literature at university.

Failure at School? How did the failure change my life?

It was difficult to imagine that a student who merely survived the ordeals of mathematics exams during his whole school life could get rid of his fear for the subject. The table started to turn. All on a sudden, I started to seek interest in mathematics. The credit goes to my honorable mathematics teacher at school, Mr. Deb Dulal Mozumdar. He was very kind to our poor souls. He taught us physics and higher mathematics. I also took private tuition along with my friends of my area. I am also indebted to Mr. Firoz from IUT and Mr. Shamim Ahsan Sumon from BUET. Geometry was the center of my attraction, and I found interest in Algebra gradually.

I took Mathematics as a major in my ‘A’ level. I used to spend a lot of time with the mathematical problems of physics and chemistry. I survived colossal damage in my ‘A’ level examination depending on my aptness in mathematics.

Failure at school does not necessarily mark the end of your life. It is crucial for a change, perhaps a decisive change in your life. I saw people who ascended to the zenith of success putting their bad academic records behind. If someone with a mediocre academic results can do it, you also can do it with the talent you have.

About the Author: Ashraf Ahmed

Ashraf Ahmed is a graduate of English Language and Literature from University of Chittagong. He did his MA from Leading University. He pursued a career in information technology.