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Using Simple Layouts for Food Services Websites : A Comparative Review

From my previous review on websites of top-level educational institutions of Bangladesh, I was driven to write another one on food service related websites. We know food services hardly require websites as people easily find out their favorite…

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Abu Monsur from Ezine Articles

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Today, I am going to introduce you to one of my friends who started blogging very early in his life. In context of Bangladesh, we usually do not expect people to start writing in English if he has…

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Why Do Students Prefer University of Chittagong to Other Universities of Bangladesh?

Like many parents of Bangladesh, my parents were willing to have a doctor, engineer or lawyer in the family. I was never sure of my career. We are only two brothers and both of us studied science up…

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A Better Website for University of Chittagong: Comparative Review

When I found my name in the merit list of Chittagong University admission test in 2004, I jumped in the air and literally ran home from the internet cafe I was in. My achievement list is not a…

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6 Long Years at CU

I got admitted at University of Chittagong (CU) in English back in 2004-05 session. The long-term honors course came to a successful completion in 2011 (but the certificate tells you that I completed the course in 2008). A…

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A Writer’s Resource by Elaine P. Maimon

Writing Desk

There are hundreds of books around us which we use for preparing research materials and organizing them properly. But we prefer colorful ones, specially the ones which is available on CD-ROMs. A Writer’s Resource, A Handbook for Writing…

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