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Project Management with Asana

Only a few months ago, I came to know about asana, a great tool for managing your projects and tasks. It can be used for personal and business purposes. With hundred of tools circling all over the world wide web, it can be misleading at times. I have my reasons for using this particular one but you might not agree with me on some issues.

Simple Layout of asana's dashboard
Simple Layout of asana’s dashboard

One of the most important reasons for choosing asana is surely the simplified interface. Previously, I tried Trello for a while. Trello’s navigation gave me a lot of trouble and I found myself in a type of maze. The truth is quite simple. I was not comfortable with Trello and I developed an affinity with asana right after I signed up for the application. Moreover, I installed the Android application that comes with the total irresistible package, and fell in love with the amazing features of the application.Asana App

How does asana help me?
For someone who has a tendency of jumping into one project from another for no particular reason, asana works as a strong reminder. The app keeps sending emails to you even when you are not checking into its dashboard. You receive regular updates and reviews of your partners and project supervisors.

My favorite feature of the application lies within the task list subdivision. Dividing your projects into subtasks and assigning it to the corresponding people have never been easier. Other regular features are also there. You can carry on conversations and tag others who are working with you. In addition, you have the privilege of uploading necessary files.

To wind up the small review of asana, I must not forget to mention the rewards. With completion of every task, a flying horse races diagonally on your screen (if you don’t disable the reward feature). It feels so good when somebody appreciates your integrity, and asana lets you know that you are on right track. Different colors will help you to identify the status of a project. You have the privilege of setting up deadlines for team members and more importantly for yourself. Filter your tasks by due date/ project/ current status (complete or incomplete). At the end of the day, use it to get the vibe of the application. Its not about reviews after all, its about your affinity with the application.

N. B. A bunch of thanks to Nahid Hasan of Bizcope who inspired us to use the application.

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